Latihan Otot Teras

Salam satu Malaysia,

Latihan otot teras amat penting dalam pengamalan gaya hidup yang sihat dan juga untuk meningkatkan prestasi sukan. Kebanyakkan jurulatih gagal untuk memberi tumpuan terhadap latihan otot teras. Kebanyakkan ginasium komersial menjadikan latihan ini sebagai asas dalam latihan mereka manakala jurulatih pula mengabaikan perkara ini. Berikut adalah sebuah artikel berkaitan latihan otot teras. Saya akan memberi beberapa contoh latihan otot teras dalam post yang berikut. Penghargaan dirakamkan kepada En. S Pathmanathan Pensyarah UMS Sabah, atas bantuan beliau dalam perkara ini.

What is the intent of Core Training?
The intent of core training is to strengthen the muscle groups that stabilize your skeletal structure. These are primarily the muscles in the thoracic area that determine your posture in each position of your body. The first step to improving your posture is getting to know these muscles, then toning them so you can tighten them independently of your lower back's muscles.
Your core muscles serve many vital functions that contribute to your overall health. Let's take a look at key core functions in order to appreciate the importance of core training exercises:

• Foundation for Movement - If your core does not function properly, you'll most likely experience back and spinal pain, as well as increased chances of injury.

• Protection of your Vital Systems - Your core provides a protective shield for your spinal cord and internal organs. The core muscles also function to keep your insides in, where they belong.

• Improves Body Fluids - When your body moves and is exercised from your core, the internal organs are mobilized and stimulated from adhering together. It improves fluid flow through the organs and is very helpful to maintaining normal bowel movement.

• Enhance Circulatory Support - When you exercise from your core, pressure changes occur in the core muscles that assist the heart and extremity muscles to circulate blood and lymphatic fluids throughout the body.

• Good Body Posture and Body Stability - Your core muscles stiffen the spine, rib cage and pelvic girdle so that your head, arms and legs have stable working foundation. These muscles all work in harmony to provide stabilization for your body and to transfer power from the legs to the upper body and vice versa.